Q:  When was time immemorial ?

A:  Time Immemorial is a phrase meaning time extending
beyond the reach of memory however, it can be considered as
6th July 1189 ……… In the Statute of Westminster it was decided
to define the reign of Richard 1st as the limit of legal memory and the
coronation of King Richard took place on 6th July 1189.

Q:  What is the biggest clock face in Britain ?

A: It is not the clock face on the Elizabeth Tower ("Big Ben"), at the
Palace of Westminster, as many may think! It is in fact the clock face
at the Shelmex Building in London with the second largest being at the
Royal Liver Building in Liverpool.

Q:  How many times does the minute hand cross the hour  
hand per day on a clock face ?

A:  The answer is 22 times!  It takes 65 minutes for the minute hand to catch up
to the hour hand and there are 1440 minutes in a day.  1440 divided by 65 gives 22.

Q:  Why is the 4, on a clock face that uses Roman Numerals, conventionally written
as IIII rather than as IV?

There are many suggestions as to why this should be so but the truth is nobody
really knows! Some say it became custom after the instance of Louis XIV to have a clock,
which had been made for him, to be written that way. Others suggest it is to maintain the
symmetry of a clock face i.e. VIII and IIII has a more balanced appearance than VIII and IV.
There are many other theories but it is interesting to note that perhaps the most famous clock,
"Big Ben", uses IV