Welcome to The Kloqworx!

The Kloqworx wants to share it’s passion for something a little bit different so we have put together a collection of clocks and watches that we feel does just that.

Clocks have come a long way from being simply just timepieces. Clocks can be an important feature in your home décor providing a focus or talking point in any room.

The Clock designs we sell, offer a wide range of creativity and innovation and you will find our approach to our watch collection follows the same ethos, offering eye catching, creative individuality.

Watches no longer have to be just functional timepieces for you whilst on the move. Instead we offer stunning, eye-catching jewellery, for both men and women, with a purpose!

So welcome to our World and we hope that the Clocks and Watches you see on our Website excite you as much as they do us. Enjoy!

Nigel Jones (The Kloqworx)